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21 may. 2014

I really admire...

I really admire Madison Beer. She's a Yankee singer. She was born in 1999, 5th March, so she's 15. She was born in New York but she lives with her mother Tracie and her brother Ryder in Los Angeles.
She started uploading videos on Youtube in 2012, doing covers of Bruno Mars, Christina Perri and other famous singers. For her luck Justin Bieber saw one of her covers and he loved it, so he contacted her mother and then they signed a contract.
In 2013 she made her debut single "Melodies". This year she's going to do her first Album, but it's name is still unknown.

7 may. 2014

Science Fact Sheet: WATER

Why is water important to live?
1-The water is very important lo live because humans need it for different activities.
2-The animals also need water to live.They drink it. I think that water is more important than trees.
3-Many different types of animals live under water because there is oxygen in it.
By Melina B, J3

Why Is Water Important? Emoji

1. People and animals drink water every day without it, we would die. 
     You should drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

2. Water is not olny for dirnking, it can be used for taking baths, showers, fountains and a lot more.

3. And the rain is water, rain can water the plants for you.
   The plants need water too. 

By Valentina M, J3

My country, my city...

I live in a small city in Uruguay. There are blue lakes. There isn't a high mountain. There are many green fields and some rivers. There isn't a desert.
By Melina B, J3

My City 
I live in a smal city, called Montevideo. Uruguay is a small country with lots of green fields. 
There are long rivers and there are blue lakes. There aren't high mountains or a big dry desert.
By Valentina M, J3

27 mar. 2014


Do you like cartoons?

This is Hello Kitty. She is shy. She is a cat. She is Japanese. I like her.
By Camila M, ch4

Best Friends

Who´s your best friend? Some students tell us...

She is Abigail. Her nickname is Abi. We first met in the school. 

She is thin and tall. She's got long dark hair. She's got brown eyes .

Abi is clever and nice but she isn't shy. She's good at doing sports and she's into Maths.

We usually see each other at the weekend. When I go to her house we play comuter games and watch TV

By Camila M, ch4

21 jul. 2012

Football fans: Edinson Cavani

By Valentina Ch3

New Survey

Hi! Last class, we were giving opinions about different types of music which are popular in Uruguay. We want to know your opinion, so please, vote on a poll, where you can find some popular genres. Which option do you think the most popular type of music is in our country by far?
You can find the link here: opinion poll

21 jun. 2012

Play Online

Hello again! I found a website where you can practise and improve your English skills while playing. The games are easy and fun.

You can see them here: English Games

20 jun. 2012

Healthy Food

Students from Children 2 level made a great poster about healthy food. 
Did you know we should eat 5 fruit portions a day?

By Camila, Sofia, Facundo and Lucas